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Introduction to Peer Mentoring was designed by Andrew Pritchard(AP Foundation). This is an innovative and unique ‘mentoring - training program’.
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Professional Training
6 Weeks
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Both the Introduction and Advanced Peer Mentoring courses have been designed by Andrew Pritchard (AP Foundation). These are innovative and unique ‘mentoring-training programs.

The courses provide the enrollee with the training and skills required to become a qualified peer mentor where they are able to deliver workshops in prisons, youth clubs, and schools covering areas such as Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Peer Pressure/Self Esteem/Confidence, Guns, and Knives, Gang Affiliation, Victims/Families, Crime/ Offending, Prison and Drugs, Youth violence, Extremism, Child sexual/criminal exploitation, Grooming Awareness, County Lines, and Cuckooing.

Peer mentoring is a form of mentorship that generally takes place between a person who has lived through a specific experience (The peer Mentor) and a person who is new to the experience or likely to be soon (the Peer Mentee). One of a mentor’s roles is to support a young person’s development (meaning professional, career, and personal development) and ‘sign-post’ mentees to various supporting organisations which in turn provide education, housing, employment, apprenticeships and a myriad of other vital prerequisites a person needs to rebuild their lives.

Course Suitability - Who Should Attend?

The Introduction to Mentorship training course is open to youth to learn about anger management, conflict resolution and techniques.

The content of the programme requires no skills or qualifications to participate.

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